Eat The Film

Eat The Film is an iconic quarterly film and food event created by The Roxy & CoCo At The Roxy - unique not just within Wellington, but the entire Antipodean region. Designed to showcase the incredibly creative and ever changing menu of our playful, fine dining establishment CoCo At The Roxy, Eat The Film provides film and food fans with a cult classic film and delicious seasonal and thematic dishes designed to arrive in-theatre, perfectly timed to specific scenes. It's a truly collaborative labour of love for our talented team, showcasing the various strengths of our bar, restaurant and cinema operations talent, and an immersive sensorial experience for all attendees! Viewers receive a tasting selection from our current thematic menu, delivered in-house while they watch, along with a selection of sensational, bespoke cocktails, designed especially for the screening. It's THE film and food event of NZ's capital, and not to be missed!

The Roxy is proud to present, in partnership with Lōemis, THE WICKER MAN (1973, The Final Cut).

A police sergeant is sent to a Scottish island village in search of a missing girl whom the townsfolk claim never existed. Stranger still are the rites that take place there. It's likely you already know what happens next...

But this is no ordinary film screening! We invite you to EAT THE FILM. Dine during the film, courtesy of a multi-course degustation by CoCo head chef Nic Spicer, who will present to you an array culinary delights matched to scenes from the film itself, allowing you to literally eat your way through it.

The MENU itself is a closely guarded secret, as the surprise is all part of the excitement.

No dietaries catered for sorry, although a significant proportion of the meal is vegetarian.

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