Film Club

Become a Roxy Film Club member today!

What’s in it for me?

First notice of upcoming film events, new films, advanced tickets, special deals, discounts, access to our cinema ops and events teams (we want to hear from you!), and a community of like minded film fans! Membership also offers a variety of different rewards for every four films you watch at The Roxy! All free of charge with NO sign up fee! 

How do I sign up?

Easy! Download the Magic Stamp app onto your Android or iOS smart phone and search for The Roxy in the app. Currently we are really easy to find as we are the only business in Central Wellington using the app. The only information the app needs to sign you up is your cellphone number, but you can add more information if you wish. 

Who can sign up?

Film Club has no limits. It is free to anyone who would like to become a member and gain exclusive access to all our wonderful Film Club perks!

How it does work?

Gain one magic stamp, per ticket, per Film Club member, on your Film Club membership card every time you come to see a film here at The Roxy.

What are the rewards?

On signing up you receive access to the exclusive Film Club newsletter, invitation to at least one $1 Mystery Screening per year, access to private Facebook group and a free movie on your birthday.
After you watch four films you get a voucher for one free ice cream.
After eight films you get a voucher for one free coffee or postmix coke/sprite.
After twelve films you get a $5 off voucher for Roxy OnDemand.
After sixteen films you get a voucher for a free house cocktail/mocktail.
And finally after twenty films you get a double pass to The Roxy.
But you ask what happens after twenty films, well much like a Coffee Card you simply start it all again! All vouchers can either be used at the time you receive them or saved in the app for use on another visit, they have a one month expiry.

How do you signup to the Film Club Newsletter and Private Facebook group?

On the Magic Stamp app you can flip over the rewards cards by tapping the (i) symbol in the top right hand side. Then you will be able to tap on the links to the Newsletter Signup page as well as head to the Roxy Citizen Film Club page and request to be added.

I'm an old paper Film Club member what happens with the stamps I have already obtained?

With the move to the new digital Film club we are retiring the old paper card system. If you have a card currently on the go bring it with you on your next visit and we will move those existing stamps to the new digital system and you will receive vouchers in the app for any rewards obtained. If you do not have a smart phone our apologies, but this digital system will be the only one we use going forward. 

Can I obtain stamps when buying tickets online?

Yes for online purchases of cinema tickets you can still get magic stamps on your card, sadly we cannot do this at the same time you purchase tickets online, but instead come to the main counter before your film screens, show your cinema booking and the team will give you a magic stamp on your card. 



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