Film Club

Become a Roxy Film Club member today!

What’s in it for me?

First notice of upcoming film events, new films, advanced tickets, special deals, discounts, access to our cinema ops and events teams (we want to hear from you!), and a community of like minded film fans! Membership also offers a variety of different goodies for each level completed, all free of charge with NO sign up fee! 

How do I sign up?

Easy! Click here to fill out the online sign up form and someone from Roxy will be in contact when your membership card is ready to collect!

Who can sign up?

Film Club has no limits. It is free to anyone who would like to become a member and gain exclusive access to all our wonderful Film Club perks!

How it does work?

Gain one stamp, per ticket, per Film Club member, on your Film Club membership card every time you come to see a film. Complete the four levels from bronze, to silver, to gold, and finally to platinum by gaining stamps on your card every time buy a ticket with us. Membership lasts for twelve months from your initial sign up date, once those twelve months are up you revert back to bronze level to start over.




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