Roxy's COVID-19 Response


Updated Tuesday 19th May 2020

We are grateful to be back and would love your support. Please spread the news!

Roxy’s cafe will open from Thursday 9-2 pm with your usual favourites.

There will be a requirement for everyone entering the building to register on arrival (this can be done by using your camera on your smart phone to scan the QR code or download a QR scanner in advance) and follow staff and signage directions for safe queuing practice.

Cashless is best so bring your paywave card.

Please be patient and kind to our team as we try to navigate through these new systems in place.


We have adopted a new seating policy to enable social distancing within the cinema. 

For all movie sessions seating is only available groups of 2, 3 or 4 with empty seats around the front, back and sides of each seating arrangement. This means we will be running our cinema at 50% less than full capacity so bear with us as we adjust to the new norm.
Of course we will continue to deep clean our beautiful cinema as we have always done with regular sanitizing of surfaces and daily commercial cleaning of all public areas.

All staff are able to take PAID sick leave if they show ANY signs of being sick and as a food service space, all staff are already well trained in hand washing and hygiene.

Please help us help our community by not coming to the cinema if you are unwell. We will give a full refund for any cancelled seats - just call and let us know in advance.

For the past 100 years cinemas have given a safe haven and time out from the troubles of the world around. The Roxy Team are committed to ensuring that remains the case. These are difficult times but one thing we know for sure is that NZ will get through it together. 

Thank you for your understanding.

Cinema 1

Cinema 2

Watch this space! Some exciting announcements coming soon. 

In the meantime, be safe, be kind, and look out for each other (from a distance).

Team Roxy