Japanese Film Festival

15-17 October 2021
The Roxy Cinema

All screenings are SOLD OUT to Level-2 limits. If we drop down to Level-1 by the screening date then more seats will become available. 

The Japanese Film Festival is held annually, in order to encourage the growth of Japanese culture and understanding in New Zealand. Each year, we try to give the people of New Zealand some insight into the culture, customs, and traditions of Japan, alongside what is popular with Japan’s society today, through film. 

All films will be screened in Japanese with English subtitles. 

Friday 15th October
After the Sunset (夕陽のあと) - Set in the small town of Nagashima, Kagoshima prefecture in southern Japan. Yuichi Hino farms yellowtail fish, a family business, for his livelihood. He lives with his wife Satsuki, his mother Mie and 7-year-old son Towa. But Towa is not their biological son. Yuichi and Satsuki want to formally adopt him, and as they embark on the special adoption procedures with the Family Court, they find out how Towa was taken into care. They are shocked to learn the name of their foster son’s biological mother is exactly the same as that of the woman who moved to the island a few years ago, and has since been working at the diner. The tensions between foster parents and biological mother are depicted in a human drama set in a small island in Japan.

Saturday 16th October, 12:00pm
Show me the Way to the Station (駅までの道をおしえて) - Her pet dog and constant companion Lou is gone. The grown-ups all say he will never be back, but 8 year-old Sayaka cannot bring herself to believe them. One day near the end of summer, another dog leads her to the coffee shop of an elderly man, Fuse. Having suffered a devastating loss himself, he is also alone. These two, unable to accept what is gone, forge an unlikely friendship.

Saturday 16th October, 2:35pm
Voices in the Wind (風の電話) - After losing her family in the Great East Japan Earthquake disaster, Haru moved to Hiroshima to live with her aunt Hiroko. When her aunt falls ill and is in the hospital, Haru decides to travel in the direction of home. Haru heads towards her hometown, making connections with several people along the way. Upon arriving home, she hears that there is a phone booth people call the “Wind Phone”, close by. It’s not hooked up to any phone lines, but people use the phone to communicate with the loved ones they have lost. Haru goes toward her final stop, as if she has been guided there her entire journey. Inspired by the existing “wind phone” in Japan’s Iwate prefecture, which was opened to the public for people to find closure after the disaster.

Saturday 16th October, 5:30pm
Our 30-Minute Sessions (サヨナラまでの30分) - When quiet college student Sota picks up a cassette tape he gets a surprise when he tries to play it back: his body is taken over by Aki, the owner of the tape who died in an accident the previous year! When the tape is played, Aki gets to take over Sota's body for just 30 minutes – the length of recording on the cassette tape. Reserved Sota, who doesn’t like to interact with others, and outgoing Aki, who wants to reunite his old band and bring a smile to his girlfriend’s face, try to work together for mutual benefit, learning about each other along the way. Our 30-Minute Sessions is a funny and heart-warming film which highlights the importance of human connection and music.

Sunday 17th October, 12:00pm
Stop-Motion Animation Films by Takeshi Yashiro (八代健志監督ストップモーションアニメーション短編集) - Award-winning director Takeshi Yashiro’s stop motion films rarely screened outside of Japan. Lineup: Norman the Snowman – The Northern Light; Norman the Snowman – On a Night of Shooting Stars; Moon of a Sleepless Night; Gon, the Little Fox.

Norman the Snowman – The Northern Light: As the first snow falls on a town in the northern country, a boy sneaks out of his house to board a northbound train with his friend “Norman the Snowman.” They are off to witness the beautiful wonders of nature that Norman had always talked about.

Moon of a Sleepless Night: A squirrel and a boy set out on a journey together to restore daylight. They must find and release the moon stuck high up on a tree somewhere far, far away.

Gon, the Little Fox: When Gon, a playful orphaned fox, finds that young Hyoju has lost his mother, he tries to comfort him and make amends for his own earlier mischiefs by secretly bringing small gifts to the boy every day. But Hyoju doesn’t realize who is behind the anonymous gifts, and the two are headed for a heartbreaking climax.

Sunday 17th October, 2:15pm
Restaurant From the Sky (そらのレストラン) - Wataru lives happily with his wife, Kotoe, and daughter, Shiori, in Setana, Hokkaido, running a cheese factory and raising cattle on a ranch with a view of the ocean that he inherited from his father. His cheese-making skills are still mediocre, so he is constantly getting scolded by his strict master, but Wataru enjoys a good life with a group of like-minded friends that are always there for each other. Then Kanbe, a young shepherd from Tokyo, joins their circle, and the friends find pleasure in “good food” that they produce themselves and share with one another. One day, a chef from a famous restaurant in Sapporo, who is attracted by their food, pays them a visit. They are ecstatic that their products are made even more delicious by this chef, and together they start planning a one-day-only restaurant to spread their joy to other people.

Ticket prices for Japanese Film Festival:

Free Admission
$1.51 Booking Fee applies to online, phone & in house sales

But what about if Wellington moves 'levels' again?

To easily accommodate the potential of a 'level' move all pre-sales with be limited to 100 tickets for Cinema 1. This cap will be in place until Tuesday 12th October and if Wellington is in level-1 we will release the remaining seats for sale.

If we’re in Level-1, the cinemas will be available to seat to a sell-out.

If we’re in Level-2, ushers will direct you to a seat to ensure appropriate social distancing – starting at Row-F for Cinema 1, and then moving back & forward from there. Please be in your groups before heading into the cinema and sit where you are told to help the ushers correctly seat everyone safely.

If we’re Level-3 or 4 The Roxy will be closed, so we will look to postponing the festival to a later date. Refunds will be available if required.

Helpful booking tips when booking multiple films:

 - After you select get to 'Personal Details' page click 'CONTINUE SHOPPING' this will take you back to the main page, but will hold that current ticket in the basket.
- Go into next JFF film you want to buy tickets for and do the same.
 - Repeat until you have got tickets for each film then put in your personal details and click 'NEXT'. This should take you to a credit card form. Finish this and soon after you should receive details of your booking in your email.

Please note all JFF films are general admission seating (GA). 

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After the Sunset (夕陽のあと)

Show me the Way to the Station (駅までの道をおしえて)

Voices in the Wind (風の電話)

Our 30-Minute Sessions (サヨナラまでの30分)

Stop-Motion Animation Films by Takeshi Yashiro (八代健志監督ストップモーションアニメーション短編集)

Restaurant From the Sky (そらのレストラン)