Roxy Cinema Session Times

Logan Lucky

M (Offensive language)

Fri 18 Aug:  1:00pm, 8:15pm
Sat 19 Aug:  1:45pm, 8:30pm
Sun 20 Aug:  1:00pm, 8:15pm
Mon 21 Aug:  1:15pm, 8:30pm
Tue 22 Aug:  1:00pm, 8:25pm
Wed 23 Aug:  1:15pm, 8:30pm

The Trip to Spain

M (Offensive language ) - 1hr 51mins

Fri 18 Aug:  12:00pm, 6:00pm
Sat 19 Aug:  10:30am, 6:20pm
Sun 20 Aug:  12:30pm, 6:00pm
Mon 21 Aug:  10:30am, 5:30pm
Tue 22 Aug:  10:30am (Babies on Board), 6:30pm
Wed 23 Aug:  10:30am (Babies on Board), 6:20pm

The Big Sick

M (Offensive language & sexual references.) - 2 hours

Fri 18 Aug:  6:30pm
Sat 19 Aug:  3:30pm
Sun 20 Aug:  5:15pm
Mon 21 Aug:  12:45pm
Tue 22 Aug:  1:30pm
Wed 23 Aug:  10:45am

Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets

M (Fantasy violence.) - 2hrs 17mins

Fri 18 Aug:  8:45pm
Sat 19 Aug:  12:45pm, 8:00pm
Sun 20 Aug:  10:25am
Tue 22 Aug:  8:45pm
Wed 23 Aug:  3:45pm

Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets 3D

M (Fantasy violence.) - 2hrs 17mins

Fri 18 Aug:  3:25pm
Sun 20 Aug:  3:25pm
Mon 21 Aug:  3:45pm
Tue 22 Aug:  3:15pm
Wed 23 Aug:  1:00pm

Atomic Blonde

R16 (Graphic violence, sex scenes, offensive language & nudity.) - 1hr 56mins

Fri 18 Aug:  2:15pm
Sat 19 Aug:  11:30am
Sun 20 Aug:  7:45pm
Mon 21 Aug:  3:25pm
Tue 22 Aug:  4:00pm
Wed 23 Aug:  3:35pm


M (Violence & offensive language.) - 1 hr 46 mins

Fri 18 Aug:  10:45am, 4:25pm
Sat 19 Aug:  4:15pm
Sun 20 Aug:  10:00am, 3:00pm
Mon 21 Aug:  11:00am
Tue 22 Aug:  10:45am

The Warriors

R16 (Violence & offensive language.) - 1hr 29mins

Sun 10 Sep:  7:30pm (It's a Cultastrophe!)


G - 1hr 34mins

Tue 29 Aug:  10:30am (ENG Babies on Board)
Sat 9 Sep:  4:30pm (ENG)
Tue 19 Sep:  6:30pm (JAP)

Battle of the Sexes H&R

TBC - 1hr 58mins

Thu 28 Sep:  8:30pm (Heels & Reels)

Blade Runner ETF

M - 1hr 57mins

Sun 1 Oct:  6:00pm (Eat the Film)

From Up on Poppy Hill

G - 1hr 31mins

Fri 1 Sep:  7:00pm (JAP)

Grave of the Fireflies

PG (Adult themes) - 1hr 28mins

Thu 31 Aug:  6:30pm (JAP)
Wed 13 Sep:  7:00pm (ENG)

Howl's Moving Castle

PG (Scary scenes) - 1 hr 54 mins

Fri 25 Aug:  6:30pm (ENG)
Sat 2 Sep:  6:15pm (JAP)
Sun 3 Sep:  3:45pm (ENG)
Tue 5 Sep:  10:30am (ENG Babies on Board)
Mon 11 Sep:  1:00pm (JAP)
Fri 15 Sep:  1:00pm (ENG)
Sun 17 Sep:  3:45pm (ENG)

Isao Takahata and his Tale of the Princess Kaguya

G - 1hr 22mins

Tue 12 Sep:  7:00pm (JAP)

Kiki`s Delivery Service

G - 1hr 43mins

Fri 25 Aug:  1:00pm (JAP)
Sat 2 Sep:  2:30pm (ENG)
Tue 12 Sep:  10:30am (ENG Babies on Board)
Sat 16 Sep:  2:00pm (ENG)

Laputa Castle in the Sky

PG - 2hrs 4mins

Thu 24 Aug:  1:00pm (JAP)
Fri 1 Sep:  1:00pm (ENG)
Sun 10 Sep:  2:30pm (ENG)
Tue 19 Sep:  10:30am (ENG Babies on Board)

My Neighbors the Yamadas

PG (Mild violence) - 1hr 44mins

Sun 3 Sep:  6:00pm (ENG)

My Neighbour Totoro

G - 1hr 26mins

Sun 27 Aug:  2:00pm (ENG)
Sat 2 Sep:  4:30pm (ENG)
Wed 6 Sep:  7:00pm (JAP)
Sat 9 Sep:  2:45pm (ENG)
Sun 17 Sep:  2:00pm (ENG)
Wed 20 Sep:  10:30am (ENG Babies on Board)

NausicaƤ of the Valley of the Wind

PG (Low level violence.) - 1hr 58mins

Sun 27 Aug:  3:45pm (ENG)
Mon 28 Aug:  7:30pm (JAP)
Sat 9 Sep:  6:30pm (ENG)
Thu 14 Sep:  1:00pm (ENG)

Ocean Waves

PG - 1hr 12mins

Mon 4 Sep:  6:30pm (JAP)

Only Yesterday

PG (Mild themes) - 1hr 58mins

Fri 15 Sep:  6:30pm (ENG)

Pom Poko

PG (Mild violence) - 1hr 59mins

Wed 13 Sep:  10:30am (ENG Babies on Board)
Sat 16 Sep:  4:00pm (ENG)


G - 1hr 40mins

Sat 26 Aug:  4:00pm (ENG)
Wed 30 Aug:  10:30am (ENG Babies on Board)
Mon 4 Sep:  1:00pm (JAP)
Sun 10 Sep:  12:30pm (ENG)
Mon 18 Sep:  1:00pm (ENG)

Porco Rosso

PG (Mild themes) - 1hr 33mins

Wed 30 Aug:  6:30pm (JAP)
Sun 17 Sep:  6:00pm (ENG)

Princess Mononoke

M (Moderate animated violence.) - 2hrs 11mins

Sat 26 Aug:  8:30pm (ENG)
Thu 31 Aug:  1:00pm (ENG)
Tue 5 Sep:  8:30pm (JAP)
Fri 8 Sep:  1:00pm (JAP)
Wed 20 Sep:  7:30pm (ENG)

Spirited Away

PG (Supernatural themes.) - 2hrs 5mins

Thu 24 Aug:  7:30pm (ENG)
Sat 26 Aug:  1:30pm (ENG)
Sun 3 Sep:  1:15pm (ENG)
Wed 6 Sep:  10:30am (ENG Babies on Board)
Sat 16 Sep:  8:30pm (JAP)

Tales From Earthsea

M (Moderate animated violence) - 1hr 55mins

Mon 28 Aug:  1:00pm (JAP)
Thu 14 Sep:  6:30pm (ENG)

The Cat Returns

G - 1hr 15mins

Tue 29 Aug:  7:00pm (ENG)
Thu 7 Sep:  1:00pm (JAP)

The Kingdom of Dreams and Madness

PG (Infrequent mild coarse language) - 1hr 58mins

Sun 10 Sep:  5:00pm (JAP)

The Tale of The Princess Kaguya

PG (Mild themes, violence and nudity.) - 2hrs 17mins

Mon 11 Sep:  7:30pm (JAP)

The Wind Rises

PG (Mild themes) - 2hrs 7mins

Sun 27 Aug:  6:00pm (JAP)
Fri 8 Sep:  8:00pm (ENG)

When Marnie Was There (Subtitled)

PG (Mild themes) - 1hr 43mins

Thu 7 Sep:  6:30pm (JAP)

Whisper of the Heart

PG (Mild themes ) - 1hr 51mins

Mon 18 Sep:  7:30pm (JAP)

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